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NOTE: soon after writing this script, implemented a new system for downloading roms which breaks this from getting the roms. I may update it again in the future to actually read the link using mechanize instead of assuming the link structure, but just don’t really have interest in doing that right now. Please consider this script broken and unmaintained.

NAME - scrapes roms rated 9.0 or higher from

SYNOPSIS --destination peculiar --platforms NES GB --extract --verbose


  --destination        directory to put roms
  --platforms          available [ GB GBA GBC GameCube Genesis NES N64 PS1 PS2 SNES ]
  --extract            extract and unlink the downloaded archive
  --verbose            be more vocal about what's happening
  --help               print this dialogue
  --man                display full documentation


This script makes it easier to download ROMs from

Running without any switches, won’t assume which platforms you want, but requires you to define them specifically.

  # this will get SNES NES and GB ROMs, but none of the other available platforms
  $ --platforms SNES NES GB

If you specify a platform which doesn’t know, the help menu will be printed.

By default, will create it’s directory structure in the Cwd.


You can also have put the ROMs into a specific directory.

  # only SNES this time, please. OH, and put them into the peculiar dir
  $ --platforms SNES --destination peculiar

the resulting directory structure will be created.


If you want to extract and unlink the archives it downloads, just pass in the --extract option.

  # please extract and unlink them for me, thank you
  $ --platforms SNES --destination peculiar --extract

It’s aware of both .zip and .7z, and will skip the extraction on error or unknown archive format. For now, .7z (PS1 and PS2) archives will be skipped for extraction.


Scrape only SNES NES and GB roms

$ --platforms SNES NES GB

Scrape only SNES and put it into a specific dir

$ --platforms SNES --destination peculiar

Scrape only SNES and GB, into a dir, then extract and unlink the archive

$ --platform SNES GB --destination peculiar --extract

Be noiser about it.

$ --platform SNES --destination peculiar --extract --verbose


Blaine Motsinger